by Jesse Hendley

Is the Bible Infallible?
Jesse M. Hendley
John 10:35

If you have your Bibles, friends, turn with me, please to the Gospel of John, chapter 10, verse 35. Our subject today is, ''Is the Bible Infallible?'' Is the Bible trustworthy? Is it without error? Is it dependable? We are living in a time when there are attacks from every side on the integrity of the Bible.

Attacks by Sinners

Sinners are attacking the Bible by their very lives. In the Book of Romans, chapter 1, verse 18, God says that people who live in sin and unrighteousness, ''hold the truth in unrighteousness.'' Literally, they ''hold back, hold down,'' the Truth by their unrighteous living. People who live in sin hold down the Truth.

Here is a clipping about a person who gave himself to drugs. He says, ''If anybody wants to feel like death- warmed-over, he can give himself to drugs. I lived in it for two years. I am still bored, depressed, tired, lonely, insecure, jobless, in poor physical and mental health, $25,000 in debt for money borrowed or stolen, no sense of pride, only guilt and shame.'' My friends, not only does such a life dishonor God; it hinders God's Word. God says that people who live in sin hinder the truth by their ungodly lives.

Religious Worldlings

Not only do sinners hinder the Truth by their living in sin, but religious worldlings hinder the Truth. The other day on a television program an outstanding actor made jokes about the Holy Family in Nazareth. First, he told a dirty, obscene joke about a priest (this actor is in that particular religious group), and then about the Holy Family and the Name of Jesus and the Name of God. If I know anything about the meaning of words, it was blasphemy. Blasphemy is to speak lightly or profanely about divine things. Yet this actor claims to be a child of God! Religious worldlings who do not know God hinder God's Word and attack the Bible.

Religious Teachers

It is a common thing today for people in religious teaching pos ...

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