by Jesse Hendley

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Jesse M. Hendley
James 5:16

There are certain problems in prayer, dear friends,
but there is an answer to them all in the Word of God.
We have been taking a list of questions that people
ask and have checked them from the Word of God. Saved
people pray, and saved people want to know more about
praying. Today we are continuing some of these
questions, and may God make this study a blessing to
our hearts.

How Much Time?

Someone asks, "How much time should we give to prayer?
We are very busy, Preacher, and we have to make money.
There is the daily job. We have to earn a living. We
have a family to look after. Also, we must get some
recreation and entertainment. All these things take
time. We are under the pressure of time. How much time
should we allot to prayer?"

The answer varies, friends, with the need. Now, listen
to me carefully.

Daniel-Three Weeks

Daniel spent three whole weeks in prayer, continually
in prayer, unceasingly in prayer. Three solid weeks!
Think of it - 7 days, 14 days, 21 days, not only
praying but fasting along with it. No food, no drink.
He spent this time doing one thing only: waiting on
God in earnest prayer.

Daniel needed to pray. He was one of the greatest men
who ever lived. Eternity will reveal that the GREAT
men and women of history were not the so-called great
by worldly standards but those who WALKED WITH GOD on
earth, and they did it BY PRAYER. Truly great men and
women PRAY to GOD. Daniel was one of these.

Nehemiah-Three Months

Nehemiah spent three months in prayer. He prayed from
December to April till he lost weight and the flesh
fell off his bones. Nehemiah was cupbearer to the
king. The king noticed his condition and said, "You
are sick, sick at heart. Something is troubling you on
the inside. You have a psychosomatic problem." (That
is what he said in the language of today.) He found
out that Nehemiah was conce ...

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