by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley

The Epistle to the Galatians! Friends, we have been
studying Paul's introduction to this great book. Let
me remind you again that Chapter 4 and verse 13 is the
key to understanding the background. Paul said, "Ye
know how through infirmity of the flesh I preached the
Gospel unto you at the first."


Paul had been in Galatia. He was sick. He met a group
of people, and loving them he preached the Gospel to
them that they might believe and be saved.

What did he tell them to do to be saved? He told them
Jesus loved them and died for them and that by simply
trusting Jesus they would be saved. And they were!
They formed churches. They received him as an angel,
even as Jesus Christ Himself.


Well, Paul went his way, and right behind him came
some false teachers who said, "Paul was not teaching
you right. You cannot be saved just by faith in Jesus
Christ. That is all right. The Gospel is all right.
But you must add something to it. In addition to
trusting Christ, you must be circumcised. You must
keep the Law of Moses. You must go back and become
like a Jew in the Old Testament before Christ came in
order to be saved. The Old Testament Law is not done
away, and you must add the Law to the Gospel of

In this letter to the Galatians Paul refutes that idea
utterly and completely and strongly and emphatically--
-not Paul, but the Spirit of the Living God writing
through Paul!

Paul's Authority

Paul starts out by saying that he was an Apostle and
got his authority not from men, neither through a man,
but from Jesus Christ and God the Father. So he says
in the very beginning of this letter that THEY were
false teachers who brought to these Galatians ANOTHER
message than the Truth. Paul says, "They do not bring
you the Truth, but I do.

They are teaching what men teach; I am teaching you
what Jesus Christ and God the ...

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