by Jesse Hendley

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Our Freedom in Christ (1 of 2)
Jesse M. Hendley
Galatians 4:31

Our Freedom in Christ! Galatians 4:31 says, 'We are FREE.'' Then in chapter 5, ''Stand fast, therefore, IN THE FREEDOM wherewith Christ hath MADE us free, and be not ENTANGLED again with the yoke of bondage.'' We are free! Christ made us free! Be not entangled again!

Verse 31: ''So, then, brethren, we are not children of the BOND-woman but of the FREE.'' Underscore it with your pencil so it stands out: ''We are free!''

It is a wonderful thing to study this freedom as we find it in the Word of God. Freedom is the opposite of being bound, the opposite of bondage. Bondage means slavery.

Israel was in bondage in Egypt. What did it mean? It means they had no will of their own. They slept eight hours and when they awoke in the morning there was a taskmaster standing over them with a whip in his hand, and they had to do just exactly what that man said. The Israelite had to do what the master wanted him to do. He had no freedom. He had to do what someone else wanted him to do. He was not free.

God created us to be free, But SIN has brought us into bondage, slavery. We do what SIN wants us to do. We want the shackles to be taken away from us.

What a glorious day it was when God sent Moses by His Almighty power and led them out of bondage into the freedom of God. No longer were they under the taskmaster's lash. No longer did the Israelite have to get up in the morning and do exactly what someone else over him wanted him to do and forced him to do all day long.

They tell me that in prison the worst sentence a person can have is not the death sentence but life imprisonment. That is the hardest thing for the person to bear. All through the war, people in concentration camps risked their lives under penalty of the most horrible consequences to try to get FREE. They would dig tunnels with their bare hands and make the most tremendous efforts TO ESCAPE. Why? Freedom was priceless! To be a slav ...

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