by Jesse Hendley

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MARY'S SONG (2 of 2)
Jesse M. Hendley
Luke 1:49

He that is mighty hath done to me great things and
holy is His Name." Can you say that? Mary, the mother
of Jesus, said that. It is in Luke, chapter 1, verse

Mary knew that God had operated in her life. Here was
a young woman, not yet married, a virgin girl, but she
is able to say, "He that is mighty-the great, ABLE
One-hath done great things to me." The Mighty One is
the God Who is ABLE to do anything. There is nothing
impossible with God. He has done great things to me,
for me!

She doesn't say, "He is doing to me a great thing in
giving me the privilege to bring forth the Son of God.
"She uses the plural here: "He hath done to me great
THINGS." God doesn't come down for the first time to
this girl; He HAS BEEN doing great things to and for
her. She had let Him do it.

Have you let God do great things for you, as you look
back over your life? How long have you been a
Christian? Are there THINGS in your life about which
you can say, "GOD did that for me"? If He did, they
are GREAT things. They are the greatest. As I journey
on toward the sunset, my friends, the major portion of
my life, believe me, I see some GREAT things that God
has done for this servant of His! Has He done great
things to you and for you in your life? He wants to.
Have you allowed Him to? Begin today. Do not waste the
rest of your life. Let God today do for you great

God did great things for Abraham. God did great things
for Daniel. God did great things for Joseph in Egypt.
God did great things for His people down through the
years as they let Him. God is no respecter of persons,
which means that God will do great things for ANYBODY
who will LET Him. God wants to operate in our lives
NOW, down here, in this very century in which we live,
on the streets, in the homes, in the business world,
anywhere, everywhere. God wants to operate in and
through us Hi ...

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