by Jesse Hendley

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Jesse M. Hendley
Hebrews 11:27
May 1964

We have been studying, friends, the matter of
nervousness and God's answer in the Word of God. We
do not have to crack up under pressures. We do not
have to give in. There is victory in the Lord. The
way of victory is by seeing God.

Our text is Hebrews 11:27, "Moses ENDURED, as seeing
Him Who is invisible." Endurance means to be able to
carry on in spite of pressures. Victory on the
inside! There is calm on the inside, whatever may be
raging on the outside.

Our Lord Jesus Christ is the great example. On every
side of Him were storms of all sorts, and yet Christ
moved calmly on, walking in the will of God, moving
on toward Glory, unperturbed. A wonderful, wonderful
example unto us!

And God wants us to have that. Someone will say,
"But Christ was God." But remember also that He was
MAN. He was a Man, tempted in all points as we are,
tried even as we. Yet He endured as seeing Him Who
is invisible.

You and I CAN ENDURE whatever comes our way with
victory and with joy! This doesn't mean just
"gritting your teeth" and moving on. This means
victory and JOY, by seeing God, by bringing God into
the midst of our lives.

The Single Eye

Now, TO SEE GOD takes a single eye. "If your eye be
single," said Jesus, "your whole body is full of
light." Illumination! Now, the single eye means an
eye that is fixed on God alone. Isaiah speaks about
"a mind stayed on Thee." An eye single to God! An
eye that looks at God, and WANTS God.

You've seen a little dog. His master comes home and
the little dog comes rushing up to him, you know,
just thrilled to death that his master has come.
And then the master stops and looks at him, and the
little dog just stands there and looks at him. He
sits back on his haunches lifts his face toward his
master and just LOOKS. He keeps his eye on his
master! He doesn't see anything else a ...

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