by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
I Corinthians 16:2

We have been studying the subject of "Giving." The New
Testament makes it plain that believers today are not
"under law" but "under grace," both as a way of
salvation and in our daily Christian life. In the New
Testament we learn there are two principles of giving
for believers today. First, we are to give ourselves
(2 Cor. 8:5) and then, we're to lay by in store as God
prospers us and give to the Lord's work. (I Cor.

The Motive

Now, what is it that moves us to give? Our Business is
to help Jesus carry on His work. We are to abound in
the work of the Lord so the motive must always be
love. The first great example is God Himself. When God
says to me, "I want you to give yourself to me and all
that you have" He means it. "My son give me thine
heart. "So you see God says, "I want you to give your
life to me, your heart to me, your affections to me,
and all that you have. Lay them at my disposal."

Now how can God say that? Because that's what He did.
The first thing we learn about salvation is God's love
for us. John 3:16 "For God so loved the world that He
gave His only begotten Son. "God gave His Son's life
for me. It pleased the Lord to bruise Him, to crush
Jesus for me. That love, total love, giving all. And
so the basis of all our security is the love of God. I
know that this Bible is for me. A lot of people have
trouble making it personal, but it says "God so loved
the world" and you are a part of this world. So God
loves you so much that He gave His Son for you. God
loves you utterly. God comes along and says, "Look, I
gave my Son to die for you. I gave all and I want you
to give yourself to me and all that you have."

Lavish Love

Now the second example is Christ. God gave His Son.
Christ gave His life and so Jesus, in the Gospel of
John said, "Greater love hath no man that this, that a
man lay down his life for his friends, and ...

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