by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Romans 2:1-11

Now friends, if you have your Bibles, turn with me to
Romans, the second chapter, and today we take up the
study of the Judgment of God. Now don't run away, and
don't flip off your radio as we speak about judgment.
You know, it is intelligent to know the laws of the
land. You couldn't drive an automobile if you didn't
know something about law. You'd be in constant trouble
if you didn't know something of law. A child has to
learn discipline, has to learn the rules of human life
in the home, in the school. If you break the laws of
home, home is broken. If you break the laws of school,
the school would become chaotic. There are laws of
human society. If every driver of automobiles, for
instance, would be given HIS OWN WAY, the terrible
slaughter on the highways (that today is one of the
greatest shames in America) would be greatly raised,
without a shadow of a doubt. So WE MUST KNOW THE LAWS
OF GOD and something of His great judicial purposes,
for JUDGMENT IS A HOLY THING and is a precious thing.
If you don't believe that, you take away all laws, you
take away ALL laws now, and remove the police from the
street, so there would be no policemen, no laws for
traffic, no laws for the conduct of human society;
what would you have? You'd have HELL ON EARTH. I came
out of a meeting one night in Macon, Georgia, and went
over to get my car and drive to my room and change my
wet clothes, and there was a commotion. A police car
and policeman were over there in a house opposite to
where my car was parked, and I said to a couple of
youngsters sitting there, "What's the trouble?"

"Oh," they said, "the police are over there. A man
went off and came back and started beating his wife
and little baby."

Well, there were the police to STOP him from beating
his wife and child. Now if there were not any police,
that man would probably have killed his wife and
ki ...

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