by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Romans 10:10

I want to call your attention to Romans 10:10 today as we
speak to you on "THE MOUTH." The importance of THE MOUTH!
Commonly we do not say very much about the mouth, but let
us see what God has to say about it. It is amazing what God
has to say about OUR BODIES in the Bible. For instance,
generally God says we are to "present our bodies a living
sacrifice unto God." Romans 12. In Romans 6 we are to yield
the members of our bodies as "weapons of righteousness unto
God." It is important to realize what our Lord tells us
about the MOUTH. The mouth is so important that it has to
do with whether you will spend eternity in heaven or hell!
So you listen to me very carefully as I preach the Word of
God to you, and let's ask God to give us a blessing in the
name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

In Exodus 4:12 God sends the prophet Moses to the people.
Moses complained that he couldn't speak very well, and God
said, "Now therefore GO, and I will be with thy MOUTH and
teach thee what thou shalt say." That is an amazing thing:
God will put His words in our mouths! He'll do it.

You say, "What has that got to do with us in the New
Testament today?" In the New Testament God says we are to
speak the language that the Holy Ghost giveth, words which
the Holy Ghost teachest. Paul wrote that to the
Corinthians. So today God will give us the words we are to

Think about the WORDS God hears everyday. Curse words,
obscene words, dirty words, suggestive words, hard words,
angry words, wicked words, hypocritical words, deceitful
words and we could go on. Oh, the MOUTH! THE MOUTH! God's
Word speaks about it.

In Romans 3 we read of it as a place of sin. "Their throat
is an open sepulcher." "With their tongues they have used
deceit. The poison of asps is under their lips." He is
talking about sin and poison and corruption coming out of
the human mouth!


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