by Jesse Hendley

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Jesse M. Hendley
Romans 4:1-4

Let's look now at the word SALVATION and the specific
promise of God. God has promised SALVATION. This we
find in Romans, chapter 4.

By Faith: Believing God

Here we read about Abraham and his BELIEVING GOD. He
believed God's promise. Faith, when you get it right
down to its basis, is taking a statement of God and
believing it! Romans 4 tells us that God counted
Abraham righteous because he believed a promise God
made. Now what was that promise?

Abraham and Sarah could not have any children, but
God said, "Abraham, I am going to give you a son, a
son of your own." Now, this involved the super-
natural, a miracle, because Abraham and Sarah were
beyond the age of having a child. What did Abraham
do? Did he say, "Lord, I am too old to have a child,
and my wife is too old"? Would you have said that to
God? Does God do what He SAYS He will do? Does God
create miracles?

Abraham considered their bodies, the physical
impossibility of their having children. But then, he
looked at THE PROMISE OF GOD. He forgot himself and
the human impossibility and he said, "I believe God."
God CAN do anything He says He can do, and God WILL
do anything He says He will do!"

Abraham BELIEVED God's Word. The Bible says, "He
staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief,
giving glory to God, being fully persuaded that what
God had promised He was able also to perform." He
believed God's promise, though it required a miracle,
though everything natural and human was against his
believing what God said! And his BELIEVING GOD was
counted to him for righteousness. Literally, "His
FAITH was written down for righteousness."

Now God is not saying that to us for salvation today,
but it IS written that salvation (righteousness) is
written down for us IF WE BELIEVE that God raised
Jesus from the dead, Who was delivered for our
offenses, and was raised again ...

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