by Jesse Hendley

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Jesse M. Hendley
Romans 1:1

Now, friends, if you have your Bible, I want you to
turn with me to the marvelous Epistle to the Romans,
and we are dealing today with Romans 1:1. But first,
let me remind you that you are studying one of the
most important epistles in all the world. Let me
remind you also that God has a particular spiritual
blessing for you. Paul said that he was writing to the
Roman Christians that he might impart to them some
spiritual gift. In other words, a spiritual blessing.
There was spiritual life and power in the writings of
the Epistle to the Romans, by the Apostle Paul. And as
you and I study, there is spiritual blessing and power
for us.

Now let us consider the argument of the Epistle to the
Romans. First of all, in the first chapter, we have to
the Gentiles the theme, "You have no righteousness of
your own." Paul tells the Gentiles in chapter one,
"You do not have any righteousness that can stand in
the Presence of God."

Second, in chapter two, Paul writes to the Jew. His
theme there is, "No more have you. YOU do not have any
righteousness, either, though you THINK you have. You
think religious attitudes have produced the
righteousness that God can accept, but you are
mistaken. You think that you are more righteous than
the Gentiles, but you aren't, in the eyes of God. You
have NO RIGHTEOUSNESS that can bring you to heaven."

Then in the third chapter, Paul makes it plain that
faith in Christ, for Jew or Gentile, by anyone of
earth's two and half million people, FAITH IN CHRIST
is the only source of an acceptable righteousness for
ALL men. Jew and Gentile, colored and white. It makes
no difference about the color of a man's skin or
anything else, the Gospel is for ALL, the way of
salvation is for ALL, the way to heaven is by only ONE
PATH, it makes no difference about a man's position,
possessions, or anything else. His faith in Christ ...

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