by Jesse Hendley

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A Study in Romans (1 of 4)
Jesse M. Hendley


Now, friends, if you have your Bibles, I want you to
turn with me to the Epistle to the Romans. You know
this is one of the most remarkable books in all the
Bible. The Epistle to the Romans was written to us
that we might believe on Christ, and that believing,
we might be saved. There is no document in the world
that is as important to us as the Epistle to the
Romans, because it explains God's great plan of
salvation, very, very clearly.

Now in considering this marvelous book there are some
things we need to understand about it. First of all,
it was written about A. D. 58, within thirty years of
the death of Jesus Christ, in the early years of the
reign of Nero, one of the most wicked men of all
time-this marvelous, marvelous book, the Epistle to
the Romans.

It was written by Paul, and it was written to the
Christians in Rome, the seat of the empire. You
remember Paul said, "I must see Rome also." He longed
to go to Rome, because Paul's marvelous strategy was
to go to the center, and to work out from there, with
the Gospel of Christ, using that center as a sounding
board for the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. So, he
wanted to go to the seat of world empire of his day,
and be said, "I must see Rome also."

Now Paul speaks, in the Epistle to the Romans, of "the
powers that be" as being ordained of God. He meant,
the Empire of Rome. Paul had a high respect for the
Roman Empire because of two things. First, it made
TRAVEL possible for him. You know, Roman roads had
been built all over the empire, that soldiers could
travel quickly to various parts of the empire to keep
men in subjection and to put down any revolutions that
might take place. Second, Rome gave Paul PROTECTION
from the angry mobs of his own people as he preached
the Gospel. In the early days of Christianity, then,
God used Roman laws for the protection of His ...

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