by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Ezra 9
October 1964

We are thinking about and looking forward to REVIVAL
in these days, and may God help us as Christians to
be ready to pay the price for revival. In the Word
of God and in actual experience in revival meetings
over the years, I have learned that there are three
ingredients in revival, and I plan today to consider
these three ingredients, so that seeing them and
knowing them, we may pay the price and DO what God
tells us to do! May God help us today to really see
the Word of God and see ourselves and see WHAT GOD
WANTS. Then we can have the victory.

Two men walked out of a church after hearing the
Message. One man said, "Oh, what a preacher he is!"
The other man said, "Oh what a sinner I am!" The
preacher doesn't amount to anything. The important
thing is God's Word and you and getting over the
Message. I pray God today that He will help us to
say, "God, help me! How far I am from revival! Here
I am a Christian, the world is going down to hell,
lost souls to the right of me and to the left of me,
lost souls are perishing around me. God help me to
pay the price, to watch this hour with the Lord
Jesus Christ for precious souls!"

The first ingredient in revival is PRAYER. There
never will be a revival without prayer. I call and
challenge each one of our hearts to REAL PRAYER. I
am not talking about playing around, but PRAYING.

The second thing is OBEDIENCE TO THE BIBLE, the Word
of God. There has never been a revival without
obedience to the Word of God, not simply knowing it
but OBEYING it. Beloved friends, God intends that
His Word shall be obeyed. When we do not know the
Word of God, and do not obey the Word of God,
inevitably there comes tragedy into our lives. I
don't care who it is. Nobody prospers apart from
obedience to the Word of God---with real prosperity.

The third ingredient is the great PASSION FOR SOULS,
going AFT ...

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