by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Daniel 2:44

In the Book of Daniel, chapter 2 and verse 44, we
read, "In the days of THESE KINGS shall the God of
Heaven set up a Kingdom which shall never be

Ten European "Kings" Predicted

This is the Word of God and its fulfillment is going
on today. God is moving toward the time when the
Antichrist is coming. God is moving in the nations of
earth. A ten-kingdom alliance is going to arise out of
the old Roman Empire.

In Daniel 2, Nebuchadnezzar had a vision of a great
image. That image, from its head down to its toes,
represented world history - Babylon, Medo-Persia,
Greece and Rome. We are living in the last days, the
toes representing ten kingdoms that shall arise. God
will destroy these nations of the earth: the toes were
smashed by a Great Stone falling upon them.

Out of the old Roman Empire is coming this ten-kingdom
alliance of nations (the ten toes).

In a very recent newspaper was an article telling of
flags of ten nations flying from a building in
Brussels, Belgium, and these flags represent
255,000,000 people of "the New Europe." These flags
were flapping in the thin, wintry sunshine, outside
eighteenth-century Egmont Palace. The original six
were France, West Germany, Italy, Belgium, the
Netherlands and Luxembourg. The four who joined them
were Britain, Denmark, the Irish Republic and Norway.
When the Europe-of-Six officially becomes the Europe-
of-Ten in 1973 it will constitute a giant, new
economic power of 255 million people and a combined
annual gross product of 637 billion dollars!

They will be second only to the United States and will
be a strong competitor in world markets.

The aim of Western Europe leaders is that "this
economic power should become a political force, a
Europe which is strong within itself, working for the
relaxation and elimination of east-west tensions."

At the close of the article the Prime ...

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