by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Romans 7:21-22

We are still in the seventh chapter of Romans,
friends, and we are studying today verses 21 and 22,
in which we find the wretchedness of the believer who
permits indwelling sin to have the victory over him,
because he is trying to keep the law instead of simply
yielding to the indwelling Spirit of God to operate
through him and give him the victory. He is defeated.
Sin, using the Law, defeats him; and he is a wretched
man because of that.

Now I want to call your attention, before we go any
further in this study, to verse 22. "For I delight in
the law of God AFTER THE INWARD MAN." We are two men
under one hat! When you are unsaved, you are only one
person. You are in the flesh and the flesh has the
victory over you. That doesn't mean that you do what
is commonly called "bad," but any life that is not
lived in obedience to God is a bad life. A man may "do
good" as MEN count good; but everything outside the
will of God is bad. A man is a bad man if he does not
live as God tells him to live. That is badness. Let us
remember that.

But when you get saved, you have TWO NATURES within
you, and you'll have them until you see Jesus! There
is no such thing as "eradication" of the flesh. You
know, the word eradication comes from the Latin word
radix, meaning, "root." E-radix means, "to root OUT."
So eradication means to ROOT OUT SIN. There is no
teaching in the Bible that sin is rooted out. There IS
indwelling sin. It's all over Romans 7, as we learn
here. The Apostle Paul was a believer. He says, "I
delight in the law of God after the inward man." That
is a saved man saying that. No unsaved man can say

And yet Paul says, "I find that when I want to do good
evil is present with me." The reason for that is that
we have TWO NATURES. We have the OUTER man and the
INNER man. We learn here about the inward man in verse
22. "I ...

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