by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Acts 17:13

And now to the message for today, God's message to the
world, from one of the greatest preachers who ever
lived, from one of the greatest pulpits of all time. I
want to focus upon Athens today. We went to the
Acropolis, the high point of the city. Upon it is the
Parthenon, which is supposed to be the most beautiful
temple that man has ever created. It was dedicated to
the goddess Athena, Athena Parthenos, Athena the
Virgin. The word Parthenos means "virgin" in the
Greek. What a terrible thing, to realize the number of
gods and goddesses in Athens! Thirty thousand gods in
that city! And Paul came to tell them of the One true
and living God.

We stood on the Acropolis and looked at the little
hill below us called Mars' Hill, the Hill of Mars,
where the Supreme Court of the City of Athens met and
where Paul stood before them and delivered the message
we're going to give to you in a moment.

Our hearts were stirred as we remembered that it was a
great contest between the One true and living God,
Jehovah, the God of Israel, and the 30,000 idols of
Athens, Greece. From Mars' Hill came one of the
greatest messages ever preached.

As I walked down toward the Hill, I saw an inscription
upon the rocks. It was written in modern Greek, this
exact text we're going to read to you in English. It
was a tremendous thing! It is God's message to THE
WORLD, from one of the greatest preachers in the world
from one of the greatest pulpits in the world, and
after 1900 years ago that message is still being

My heart rejoiced that there in the midst of the RUINS
of these heathen gods, created by heathen men who knew
not God, worshipping false gods and idols that their
own hands had made, that could not save, was God's
message preached by Paul 1900 years ago and still
being proclaimed today in modern Greek. Anyone who
goes to Mars' Hill will read ...

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