by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
I Peter 1:16

Now friends, if you have your Bibles, turn with me to
I Peter 1:16, and we're taking up one of the most
important thoughts today. I hope it will be a blessing
to your heart as it is to mine. I'm talking about
keeping divine company. I'm talking about living in
the presence of God. I'm not talking about some far-
off heaven; I'm talking about NOW. I wonder how many
people seriously think about keeping company with God
now, keeping in touch with God now. Divine company! I
get it from this Scripture, "Be ye holy; for I am
holy." My beloved friends, we are on our way to a
meeting with God. We talk about knowing God; we talk
about fellowship with God; we talk about church,
Bible, prayer meetings, singing, and things like that.
The heart of the whole matter is keeping divine
company, company with God, and God says; "Now if
you're going to keep company with me, it involves
being holy because I am. You've got to be like Me. I'm
not going to be like you." I'm glad that's so. There
are three areas here that I want us to think about.
This is a practical message; I hope you'll listen to
this truth very carefully.

I hope the Spirit of God will speak to many, many
hearts today as God has spoken to my heart because I
want to be, above everything else, "a holy man." I'm
simply saying that as a sinner I want to walk with God
in unbroken fellowship. We ought to do that and can
when we with determination say, "I am going to be a
holy man." I heard a preacher say one time, "I want to
be a man of God." Above everything else I want to be
"a holy man." (By the way, this preacher is a man of
God as far as my judgment is concerned.) I want to be
a holy man. Nobody knows whether you are holy or not
but you.

"Be Ye Holy"

There are three areas that I'm thinking about
concerning sin. Sin is an awful reality. Sin burdens,
sin condemns, sin kills, but thank God Je ...

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