by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Romans 1:18-26

We have been thinking about knowing God, and we have
read in Romans 1 that God has revealed Himself but
people have turned from Him and they are without
excuse. God has revealed Himself in creation, in the
Bible, in the Cross of Christ, in the heart that will
truly receive Him. We found out why men miss God; they
will not take time for God and they yield to the pull
of "things." Men would rather have things than the
Lord, and the root of the whole matter is unbelief, so
they walk away from Him.

We found out that men can have God's Mind. First of
all we must receive His Truth into our MINDS. The mind
is the place. The mind is the first door. You can lock
your mind and turn away from God's Truth wherever you
find it, whether it is over the radio or in church or
when you pick up a Bible and read it. If you lock your
mind, you have locked God out. You have locked your
mind when you have not listened to the Word of God and
what God has to say through His Word and through His
faithful servants who give out His Word. That is the
first door, or there will come a time when you will
have a mind that will be "reprobate." That is what we
read in the Scripture. It is a mind that cannot
receive the Truth. God will give up your mind to
yourself. You will never have God's Mind. You will
never know God's Thoughts. You will never know God!

The only way you can ever know God is through His
Thoughts revealed IN HIS WORD. There is no other way
of communication. You cannot know what I am thinking
except through my WORDS. You have got to want to know.
You must listen. You've got to receive my words or you
cannot know my mind. And so it is with God. If you
lock God out, yours will become a REPROBATE mind. And
then you are given up to sin and hell. There are
people like that all over the world today. God gives
them up. Three times in Romans 1 we read, "God gave ...

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