by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Zechariah 12:2-3

It is interesting to study the Word of God and see
what God has to say about the nations of Israel, about
the Arabs, and the nations of the earth in this hour
in which we live. The United Nations today has on
their hands a problem that they cannot solve. It is
very interesting to watch the representatives of 127
sovereign nations sit and debate this great matter
about Israel and what they are going to do with her
and her boundaries, and to get at THE SOURCE of the
great conflict between the Arabs and the Jews and
understand what is going on and how to resolve these
hatreds and obtain in the Middle East "a lasting

It is interesting, my friends, as we sit and watch
these men trying to work out this age-old problem
between the Arabs and the Jews to find WHAT GOD HAS TO
SAY IN THE BIBLE. And when we do, we want to give
these distinguished gentlemen A BIBLE marked up with
references of God's Word regarding HIS MIND and HIS
WILL. We want to say, "Gentlemen, here is the only
solution to this problem between the Arab and the Jew.
Believe the Bible and act accordingly." But they will
not do that. Therefore, the Arab-Israeli problem will
remain unsolved until the Lord Jesus returns. For He
alone can solve this problem and will do it for
Israel, the Arabs, and the nations in the end-time.


There are two tremendous events that have happened in
recent years, tremendous for those who study the Word
of God, events that are simply earthshaking in their
significance. One of them was the reconstitution of
the Nation Israel in 1948. The land had been idle for
many centuries, and one of the most wonderful studies
in the Bible is what God has to say about the land of
Israel. He calls it "The Land." There isn't any other
LAND in all the world like this particular land in the
mind and heart of God, and we had better find out WHY

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