by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
I Timothy 1:1

I am speaking today on "Christ, our Hope," and the
text is First Timothy 1:1 where we read these amazing

"Paul, an Apostle of Jesus Christ by the commandment
of God our Saviour and the Lord Jesus Christ, OUR

I call your attention to those last words: "Christ,
our Hope."


The world is divided into two groups: People who deny
any future life, deny any heaven, deny any life beyond
the grave, deny resurrection (ours or anyone else's)
and therefore deny the resurrection of the Lord Jesus
Christ. That is one group. There are many people who
do not believe Jesus Christ rose from the dead nor
that there is any resurrection.


There is another group in the world who DO believe in
a future life, do believe in a life beyond the grave,
do believe that we ourselves shall be raised from the
dead and that everybody will be raised to stand before
God, and they do believe that Jesus Christ rose from
the dead.

"This Life Is All"

I want to refer first to the people who deny Christ's
resurrection, or any resurrection, or any future life.
Some people just believe that this life is all, that
it ends when we die. Mae West said one time, "I always
figured that when you die you're dead, so live it up!"
Well, that is the logical attitude of a person who has
no faith in a resurrection or a future life. That is
the philosophy of the worldling, and, beloved friends,
it is a common thing. There are multitudes who believe

Back in Jesus' day there was a religious sect called
the Sadducees who did not believe in any spiritual
world, any life beyond the grave, any resurrection.
They were a powerful group in the day of the Lord
Jesus Christ Himself. So this isn't something modern.
Men have pondered the future life down through the

No Hope

Let me remind you that such people have no hope. They
think this life ...

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