by Jesse Hendley

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Jesse M. Hendley
Isaiah 28:17

Today we take up the fact that refuges of lies shall
be ultimately swept away and the soul will be left
naked and shivering in the cold and the darkness and
lost! It is a terrible thing to realize that false
refuges will not stand. They will be swept away.
The Dying Hour

First of all, in the dying hour. When a person comes
to die, the mental vision may become peculiarly acute.
For instance, in drowning or some other tremendous
moment when death has been very near some people have
said that their whole lives unreeled before them in a
flash. Things thy had long forgotten came back to them
in a flash. Their whole life was suddenly exposed to
their vision.

Moral sense comes to the fore is that moment. A man
who hasn't had much concern about the morality of his
actions and behavior in life when death begins to come
that sense of the value of morality and goodness and
living right and for God comes to mind, particularly
one's relationship with God. A man may forget all
about the Lord Jesus Christ until he comes to die, but
in that moment he realizes that all these things OTHER
THAN CHRIST are refuges of lies---religion, partial
reformation, Christian activity, attendance at public
worship and all the rest of it, will be swept away if
he has not in his heart received the Lord Jesus Christ
definitely as his Saviour and Lord, if he has never
known Christ in a real and vital experience.

The moral sense as well as the mental vision becomes
distinct and keen in that moment. A man with perfect
honesty of spirit throws off all the mask he has
placed over his actions and behavior and he faces
definitely JUST EXACTLY WHAT HE IS in that moment. A
man is what he is, when he comes to die. That is the
mirror that reflects the true image of what we really
are. False refuges he now realizes have been useless
and actually have been a means of damning his ...

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