by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Romans 8:26

As we talk about war, it is horrible. It is awful to
contemplate. People are saying good-bye to loved ones who
are going overseas. They contact them by telephone when
they can, and they write letters, but it is pitiful.

One young man said, "Let's get it over with. We all have
our lives to live." But in war many of them don't live.

War is a horror. It is the next thing to hell. Sherman
said, "It is hell," but, of course, that isn't true. Anyone
who is honest and serious about life, death, and eternity
knows that hell is going to be worse. In war you can get
killed or maimed, but then it is over. In death it is over
instantly, or sometimes it is dragged out for a little
while, or even for some years, but finally it ends. And if
you are saved, you go to heaven where it is perfect and
there is no sickness, or pain, or death, or war. But hell
is separation from God forever. So, let's be careful about
our choice of words. Let's think before we speak and be
sure that we are speaking truth. Hell is forever and there
is nothing as horrible as hell. War is horrible, indeed,
but hell is far worse.


I want to remind you how we should pray when we are praying
about these events. Some things we know to pray for and
some things we don't. In Romans 8:26, the apostle Paul
said, "We know not what we should pray for as we ought: but
the Spirit itself maketh intercession for us with groanings
which cannot be uttered." Many, many times we do not know
exactly what to pray for. We are in a bind one-way or the
other. Are we praying like God tells us to pray?

War is a punishment from God. Whenever you see a nation
given up to war, it is a loving punishment in which God is
trying to correct us to come back to Himself and seek His
face and to receive Christ and pick up the Bible and live a
holy, godly life according to the Bible. So, God sends a
punis ...

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