by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Revelation 22:15

Turn with me, friends, to the Book of the Revelation,
chapter 22, verse 15.

Cactus Plant

The other day a friend of mine told me of having a
cactus plant in his home. He said he brought it home
from out west. It was an old, dried-up thing. Pardon
me if any of you are westerners, but to me there isn't
much beauty in a cactus plant. They're nice to have,
however, because they are so different and unusual
here. My friend said, "You know, the other day that
miserable looking cactus began to swell and not long
afterward there came out of it a very beautiful, very
lovely flower." Before he had finished saying it, a
truth flashed across my mind, that that is what the
Lord is doing with us! He takes us as we are - as ugly
as that old dried-up cactus plant - and He is going to
make something beautiful out of us. He is going to
make us, in fact, like the Lord Jesus Christ in beauty
of character! We read in Romans 8:29, "That we should
be conformed to the image of His Son." That is what
God is going to do with all believers - make something
beautiful out of something that was unattractive.

This Book

As we come now to the close of this Series on The
Revelation, I would love to go through it again,
starting all over again with chapter 1, verse 1! You
know, in one study we have only begun to get the
message. We have covered a lot of ground but we need
to go through the Book again and again. Oh, the
wonderful things God has set before us in this Book! I
never tire of the wonders of this Book of the
Revelation. You know why? I plan on being in the midst
of these wonderful things someday. You see, we are
going to live on after death, and these things are in
my future. I can know these prophecies before I go
Home. Reading this Book keeps the anticipation bright
in my heart! We should "rejoice in the anticipation of
the Glory of God." ...

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