by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Ephesians 5

Now, friends, if you have your Bibles, turn with me to
Ephesians, chapter 5, and we are studying today a very
important passage of God's Word. I am speaking about THE
HOME. We want to think about the CHRISTIAN HOME, the home
that God blesses.

THE HOME is the greatest institution on the face of the
earth. Today, we are in a time of national crisis. Today we
are worried about the condition of the world. We are
worried about war. We are worried about our nation. But
actually the fundamental problem is not with our nation.
The results of the problem SHOW UP in the nation, but
fundamentally it is not the nation, as such, that is at
fault. Let me remind you also that the Church is not
altogether the problem. To be sure, there is a declension
in many places in the Church. Many of our churches are not
measuring up to what Christ wants them to be and there are
evidences of apostasy abroad in the Church today, a
lowering of standards, a failing to measure up to the Word
of God and obedience to Christ. All of that is true. But
fundamentally the trouble is not with the nation, and it is
not with the Church; the trouble is with THE HOME. It is
THE HOME that God has particularly focused His blessings
upon, in order that He might bless THE WORLD. As THE HOME
goes, so goes the nation; and as THE HOME goes, so goes the
Church. THE HOME is the great unit of God's revelation and
manifestation of blessing in the world, and real CHRISTIAN
HOMES would make a blessed Church; real CHRISTIAN HOMES
would make a blessed nation.

In the Beginning

God in the Beginning did not create "nations," as such. He
did not create "the Church," as such. God created THE HOME,
in the Beginning. We read in the Book of Genesis how God
made the home. You remember, He brought the woman to the
man. He gave the command that they should be FOR HIM and
should multiply in the earth. "The Lord ...

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