by Jesse Hendley

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Jesse M. Hendley
Exodus 12:13

In the Book of Exodus, friends, we read that amazing
statement, "The blood shall be to you for a token."
Israel was about to go up to the Land of Promise. This
was the last of the plagues. The destroying angel was
going to go through the land and the firstborn in
every house must die. But God made a provision for the
safety of Israel, His people. He said, "Take a lamb,
and kill that lamb," and He gave them minute
instructions about it. "You shall catch the blood in a
basin. You shall put into it a hyssop sprig, and then
you shall take that hyssop sprig with the blood on it
and go to the outside of the door of your houses and
put this blood on the two sideposts and the lintel,
and the BLOOD shall be a token to you. I am giving it
to you as a token of My love and favor and care.
Nothing is going to harm you."

That is exactly the meaning of the Blood of the Lord
Jesus for us today. God is not telling us today to
take a little lamb and kill it and take its blood and
literally sprinkle it on the outside of the doorposts
of our houses. But, beloved friends, it is a marvelous
spiritual truth that we are to trust THE BLOOD
ATONEMENT of the Lord Jesus Christ! HE is the Lamb of
God. "Christ OUR Passover hath been sacrificed for
us," Paul writes to the Corinthians.

"The BLOOD shall I give unto you for a token." A token
of what?

A token, first of all, of DEATH. Blood outside a body
means death; blood inside a body means life. Blood
coursing through your veins means life. But if that
blood is let loose from your body that means death.

"The wages of sin is death." That is a law of God,
unchangeable. For sin, somebody has got to die! And
the Lord Jesus HAS DIED. Our Lamb! Our Substitute! Our
Sacrifice, in our place!

The blood mark on the outside of their houses meant
that there was AN ACTUAL DEATH that had taken place,
and therefore th ...

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