by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Galatians 2:19-21

Let me remind you again of the background of this
letter. The Apostle Paul, ill and needing rest, met a
group of people in Galatia who obviously did not know
Jesus. His heart was bursting with love for Christ and
love for their souls, so he talked to them about Jesus
Christ. He preached to them faith in Jesus for sal-
vation, and that they could know God and walk with God
and go to heaven just by believing in the Lord Jesus
Christ. He didn't tell them to keep the Law of Moses.
He didn't say a word about circumcision or religious
observances or becoming like Jews before they could
become Christians. None of that. All he did was hold
up Jesus Christ, the Saviour, who died on a cross for
them. He told them they could be saved by trusting
Him, by depending upon Him, by embracing Him, by
committing themselves to Him, for "believing" on
Christ means a committal to Him, in total trust and
confidence. There is no such thing as trusting Jesus
and also trusting yourself for salvation. When you
trust Jesus you commit yourself to Jesus. From then on
there are two involved, not one: "Ye in Me and I in
you." So Paul preached to them faith in Jesus, and
they put their trust in Him and were saved.

After Paul left the Galatians, there came a group of
false teachers of religion who said, "It is not enough
that you believe on Jesus Christ alone. You must ALSO
be circumcised and keep the Law of Moses to be saved."

Well, at the Jerusalem Conference (Acts 15) the Early
Church had considered this matter. As the Gospel went
to the Gentiles, the question was, "Must Gentiles
first become Jews in order to become Christians?"
False teachers were saying, "Keep the Law of Moses and
be circumcised." But the Church at Jerusalem had
decreed otherwise. "No", they said, "everybody, Jew
and Gentile, shall be saved the same way: just by
belie ...

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