by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Galatians 5:8

What is A CHRISTIAN? I hope you will listen very
carefully to me today. Here is a letter from a lady
who says, "Please pray for me that I may be a REAL
child of God and do His will. Then please pray for my
children that they will come back to serving Him and
pray they will truly be Christians."

Friends, I say this very carefully and lovingly. There
are many people who talk about "coming back" to the
Lord who have never been TO HIM. There are people who
talk about "serving" the Lord Jesus who have never
been SAVED. We meet people who come down to death's
door and find they have no assurance of salvation, no
real faith and comfort in Christ. I have seen this
again and again.

So we want to inquire today as to what it really means
to be a CHRISTIAN, what it means to be truly saved, a
child of God. To be saved MEANS to be a Christian, to
be born again, to possess the Life of God.

The Apostle Paul in the Book of Galatians, chapter 5,
verse 8, tells us what it is to be a Christian. Paul
by the Divine Spirit says, "For in Jesus Christ
neither circumcision availeth anything, no
uncircumcision, but faith, which worketh by love."


Remember the background of this Epistle to the
Galatians and the background of this verse. The
Apostle Paul was going over the world preaching that
men are saved by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, that
it is by faith that we come to Christ and are saved.
Along behind him came these false teachers called
Judaizers who said to the people to whom Paul had
preached, "It is important that you believe on Christ,
but you must ALSO be circumcised and keep the Ten
Commandments for salvation." They were ADDING TO the
Gospel. They were adding something to simple faith in
Jesus Christ for salvation.

So Paul wrote this letter to the Galatians to re-
emphasize that it is only by faith that men are saved.
That is ...

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