by Jesse Hendley

God, Jilted by Multitudes
Jesse M. Hendley
Matthew 22:37

We hear a lot about ''God's Love For Us.'' Many people talk about God's Love, and it is good that we do, if we understand what that Love means in the light of the cross. But I would like to remind you, friends, of the other side of the coin, and that is, ''Our Love to God.''

What Jesus Taught

In the New Testament we read of a lawyer coming to Jesus (a lawyer was a man learned in the law of Moses). He said, ''What is the first and greatest commandment?'' Unhesitatingly Jesus answered, ''This is the first, and from it all others suspend.'' (This is the Big Thing. This is the Number One Thing in life.) ''Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart (your affections), with all thy mind (your mental powers) and with all thy strength (your physical being). This is the first and great commandment.

Friends, if we believe what Jesus says, we will check and see if we love God. Do we? Let's ask ourselves the question today: ''Do I love the Lord? And if so, am I seeking to love Him like this?''

Jesus Our Example

Let me remind you that nobody but Jesus has ever loved God totally, with all the heart and mind and strength. But certainly we, who do love Him for having loved us, should seek to approach that perfection of love---with all our affection, with all our mental powers, with all our physical being! We should love GOD! One day we'll love Him perfectly. When we are born again, we love God and Christ. ''He that loveth not [God] knoweth not God. For God is love.'' If we do not love God, we are not saved. If we are saved, we will be loving God. Loving Him is evidence that we have been born of God and that God dwells in us and we in God, according to First John.

Have you thought much about God and His enormous love for men? ''God so loved the world,'' and yet people walk away from Him, jilting Him!


This came so close to me the other day when I had a call from a lady who ...

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