by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Romans 8:17

Turn with me now, friends, to the Book of Romans. Today we
are studying one of the most vital passages in all the
Bible and I hope it will be a blessing to you. Romans 8:17.
We are studying the subject of HEIRS OF GOD, one of the
greatest statements in the world that is made of a
CHRISTIAN when that person is born again.

Now "heir" is a wonderful word. The Greek word kleronomia
means inheritance, and kleronomoi means the possessor of an
inheritance. AN HEIR! Let me read to you now about AN HEIR,
that you may know WHAT YOU HAVE as a believer on the Lord
Jesus Christ. Christian friend, you do not realize and
neither do I, just exactly how WEALTHY we are! We can know
something of it by knowing the Lord in a real way, but we
cannot know the fullness of it while we are yet in this
world. But God has revealed to us in the Bible WHAT WE GET
by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and the wonderful
position He puts us in as His heirs.

An "heir" is one who INHERITS or is ENTITLED TO INHERIT.
The idea is that of an only son being heir to his father
who is wealthy. He falls heir to all that his father has.
He is entitled to everything his father possesses.
Specifically, an heir by English common law means one who
by operation of law inherits the real property of a
deceased person. He is called a legal heir. A son does not
come into the inheritance of his father's estate until his
father is dead. Then he inherits the property of his

Thank God, our Heavenly Father never dies! We fall heir of
His estate WHEN WE BELIEVE. And we ENTER INTO IT (not when
God dies for He will never die) when we GO TO BE WITH the
Lord, whether by death or by the Coming of the Lord. We
enter into the inheritance of EVERYTHING GOD HAS. Isn't
that wonderful? A son falls heir to everything His father
has when he dies, free, gratis, for nothing, and it is his
by right of BIRTH and because ...

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