by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
John 3:8

Will you please turn with me in your Bibles to John
3:8. We are talking about the mysterious, sovereign,
wonderful work of the Spirit of God in our hearts, the
hearts of believers, used here in this particular
text. In verse 8 of John 3, "The wind bloweth where it
listeth, (where it wills) and thou hearest the sound
thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, or
whither it goeth: so is every one (not plural here,
every individual person) that is born of the Spirit."
I use that because the perfect tense of the Greek is
used of the word "birth" here. It means he has been
born of the Spirit of God and remains God's child. He
has the permanent fellowship in the family of God. He
has been born into the eternal family of God. He is
permanently in the family. It is beautiful.

There was a storm here around our home. We live in a
condominium near Atlanta in Decatur, Georgia. It is a
village of condominiums, and it had been threatening
to rain and the clouds were overhead and all of a
sudden it began to get very, very, dark. Then I could
hear the rumbling of the thunder and I could see the
wind blowing out there. I called to my wife and we
went to the front door and the rain began to descend
in sheets and then we felt the wind and that is where
this particular text came to mind with such force and
such strength. There was a storm and there was wind
and I SAW the trees, the leaves, and the limbs blowing
wildly. I SAW the rain gushing in sheets, blown by the
wind, and yet I DIDN'T SEE the wind.

I thought about Jesus' Word here that every person who
is born of God has that birth from the Spirit, because
the Spirit of God comes to dwell in that person and
that means several things. It means POWER. We saw the
power of the wind in that storm. We saw the WORK of
the wind. We saw what it did. Its work was visible. It
means SOUND. We heard the sound of th ...

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