by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley

Never was the Love of God revealed so greatly as on
that day when Jesus was born into this world, to come
as our SAVIOR. "There is born unto you this day in the
city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord."

Here we are again at the Christmas Season. My how time
flies! As we grow older the seasons seem to run
together. It reminds us that we are not getting any
younger. We are reminded in the Word of God that is it
not TIME that is passing; it is OURSELVES. In Psalm 90
we read, "We spend our years as a tale that is told."
And again, "The days of our years are soon cut off,
and we fly away." We are spending our most precious
commodity, LIFE. We have just so many years, just so
many days. Our lives will soon be cut off and we will
fly away. Away where? That is The Great Question of
our lives that makes all others seem insignificant in
comparison. We are flying away. The Bible says so.
Away from loved ones, away from body, away from
friends, away from job, away from everything we have
known from childhood to this present moment. This
would be a crushing fact if it were not for one
glorious fact, the above Scripture, from God's Holy
Word, the Bible!

"There is born UNTO YOU a SAVIOUR." We can never fly
away from HIM. He is with us now, this moment, in
spirit. When He comes in, He comes in to stay. He
never leaves the heart that opens once and for all
unto Him. "If anyone," He says, "will open the door, I
will come in and sup with him." He comes in to dine,
and, HE NEVER LEAVES. Oh, how precious are these two
facts that Jesus is with us now as we are flying
through the God-given days of our brief physical life,
and that He will fly with us, to our great meeting
with our Heavenly Father. When our time comes to exit
this present life and enter the life of Glory, we
shall have Christ with us, and we shall be with Him
throughout Eternity, ...

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