by Jesse Hendley

The Wonderful Birth of Jesus
Jesse M. Hendley
Matthew 1:1,18-25

The Word of God is so beautiful! What a privilege to have the Bible in our hands! What a privilege it is to know Jesus Christ and to study about the Person and Teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ and to walk with Him! As we study the four Gospels, we'll find ourselves walking with Christ. We can come to know Him as our Saviour. We can become more like Him. We can understand His mind and His heart. We can enter into a deeper knowledge of the Truth as we study the Word of God. May we approach the New Testament with reverence and with carefulness, knowing that it is the Word of the Living God.

We are studying now the wonderful PERSON of the Lord Jesus Christ, His work, and His teachings. Here is THE HOLY GOD come down to us! We could not go up to Him; He has come down to us. No man by mere seeking has ever found out God; God has to reveal Himself unto us.

As we begin a study of Matthew I want to remind you that Matthew was the Levi that we read about in the New Testament. He was a Jew from Galilee, a tax gatherer for the Roman Government and therefore despised by the Jews. Many times tax gatherers used extortion and oppression. Matthew Levi was hated, a man of bad reputation. But the Lord Jesus Christ saved him and changed his heart and life, and he became the writer of the Gospel of Matthew. God used him in this wonderful way.

Matthew begins his Gospel with, ''The generation of Jesus Christ, the Son of David and the Son of Abraham.'' Oh, remember that God has given us A BOOK, the most wonderful Book in all the world, and how we need to know THIS BOOK, the Bible, above all other books. And here in the beginning of the New Testament we have the generation of Jesus, the Christ.

The Greek word generation is geneseos. We get genesis from this. It means ''source, origin.'' It has to do with the ''birth'' of Jesus Christ, the ''source'' of His life in this present world. Distinctly He is sai ...

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