by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Psalm 2, Daniel 7:9-14

Now, friends, if you have your Bibles, turn with me to
Psalm 2. This tremendous Messianic Psalm is about God
and His Christ and the revolt of earth against God,
which is coming. It is on the way now. So few people
in the world today really care for Christ. How many
people in the world, how many people in this city,
really love Jesus? How many are born again, love God
and love Christ and love the Bible? How many are
really living the Christian life and show they have
the life of God by prayer and Bible study, and by
loving the house of God and the people of God and the
work of God and the day of God and the things of God?

Revolt of Nations

We find here, first of all, the revolt of the nations
against the Lord, as they will come against Him to
cast Him away, in order to remove their subjection to

Then we have God's reaction to their revolt, their
rebellion against Him. He's going to become angry.
He'll laugh. He'll have them in derision. He'll speak
to them in His wrath. He'll vex them in His sore

God's Judgment

Now we come to verse 6. After He judges the world,
He'll set His King (the Lord Jesus Christ) upon the
holy hill of Zion. "Yet have I set My king upon My
holy hill of Zion."

Now remember that this prophecy was given to the
psalmist ten centuries before the birth of Christ.
Daniel also, six centuries before Christ, gives us a
graphic picture of that time. Daniel 7, verse 9: "I
beheld till thrones were placed, and the Ancient of
days did sit (this is God the Father, coming with
Christ at His Second Coming as the nations are
gathered together against Jesus), Whose garment was
white as snow, the hair of His head like pure wool:
His throne was like the fiery flame, and His wheels
as burning fire." Verse 10. "A fiery stream issued
and came forth from before Him: a thousand thousands
ministered un ...

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