by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Psalm 21:4

If you had one request of God, what would it be? If
God said, "I'll give you any request you ask - just
ask and it is yours," what would that request be? I
would want the greatest gift that God could give me.
What would it be? I think we have it in Psalm 21,
verse 4. The Psalmist David, undoubtedly the king,
says, "He (referring to himself) asked life of Thee
(God) and Thou gavest it him, even length of days for
ever and ever."

In looking at this particular Psalm, we find it to be
a joyous Psalm - the joy of salvation pulsates
through-out. There should be joy in salvation. If I am
saved, walking with God, and enjoying the favor of God
(which is what grace means) then I should be the
happiest person in the world. If I know my sins are
forgiven and I am going to Heaven, that God is my
Father and Christ is my Savior, the Bible my Guide,
Heaven my home and the Holy Spirit my Teacher, I am
the happiest person in the wide, wide world. David had
joy in his salvation.

Let's begin with verse 1 of Psalm 21. "The king (David
refers to himself as the king) shall joy in Thy
strength, Oh Lord," David is saying to the Lord, "I am
joying in Your strength, that is the strength whereby
You, God, are looking after me. I recognize that I am
a weakling, a dying man, a sinner; but You are the
great Everlasting God Whose years never fail, Whose
days never run out, and I am joying in the fact that
the Eternal God is looking after me."

Verse 1 continues, "and in Thy salvation, how greatly
shall he rejoice." Salvation is the Lord in His
Almightiness, looking after me. Astronomers today are
talking about the universe being from 15 to 20 billion
years old, made by God and sustained by God. Think of
such strength! How strong a Being Who can make a
universe like this! All that strength at work looking
after me, with the tenderness of God.

David's Request

Verse 2 says, ...

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