by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Matthew 1:20-23

I want to speak to you now on the "Sufferings of the
Holy Family." That suffering, when it is in Jesus'
name, leads to glory. Christ looked forward through
His sufferings to the glory that should be revealed to

So many times I see people and read books about people
who try so hard to try to picture Christ as just one
of those jolly, hand clapping, back slapping, sort of
personalities, but I can not find it anywhere in the
Bible. Jesus Christ is called the Man of sorrows, and
acquainted with grief. It means friends, that through
the sorrow of Jesus comes the greatest joy that can
come. Isn't that always true? Don't you always feel
better if you have really toiled for that remuneration
you get at the end of your work? Don't you always feel
good about something that has cost you something?
Didn't David express it when he said, "I'll give, not
to the Lord that which cost me nothing. I will give
only that which is costly to me?" Isn't it sacrifice
that counts? Isn't it the mother suffering for her
child and bringing it into this world and raising it,
that makes that child such a dear and such a love to
her heart as the days and the years go by? Yes, so it
is with God. God suffers for us. In all of our
afflictions, He is afflicted. Even our God suffers.
God is suffering for the needy of this world at this
very moment, this needy world that needs Him, this
world that is in sin. He is suffering for the people
who are hungry and naked. He is suffering for those
who are lost particularly.

Let us look for a moment at the sufferings of the Holy
Family. We have talked about the sufferings of Mary.
Remember that Mary endured shame as an unchaste and
unholy woman, until Jesus Christ was born and proved
Himself to be God. All those years, that terrible
sword pierced her own heart. I say terrible because
suffering still is sufferin ...

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