by Jesse Hendley

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Jesse M. Hendley
Revelation 14

Turn with me, friends, to the 14th chapter of the
Revelation. You know, we were studying the first part
of the 14th chapter, about the 144,000 on Mount Zion
with the Lamb of God, and we found that they were the
Jewish people sealed back in the 7th chapter and that
this was probably a heavenly scene. Many people
believe that it means the earthly Zion, or Jerusalem,
but we found in the passage certain things that seem
to mean the heavenly Zion, or Jerusalem. Nevertheless
they are Jews, saved and sealed during the Tribulation
Period. They accepted Jesus, lived exceptional lives
and here they are found on Mount Zion with the Lord.
There were only 144,000 of them.

The Jew

My friends, as we study what God has to say in the
Book about the Jew, he is a KEY in prophecy. Israel is
in the news and she is going to be in the news.

Not long ago 200 jet Migs, capable of carrying nuclear
weapons, were sold to the Arab people by Russia to
rearm them. They did it, they said, because America
recently sold to the Israelis 50 of our F-4 Phantoms.
These 200 jet Migs of the Russians are cap-able of
out-maneuvering our 50 American Phantoms. We see
America lining up behind the Jewish people, and we see
the Russians lining up behind the Arabs.

A recent issue of one of our outstanding magazines
with one of the greatest circulations in the world
says that they have in Egypt today (and the Egyptians
people are avowed enemies of Israel) at least 3000
military instructors. They are not only rebuilding and
rearming the Arabs but also are training them
militarily because they were licked so completely by
the Israelis in that six-day war back in June of 1967.
The Russians, who backed the Arabs at that time, took
such a beating that they are going to see to it that
it will not happen again.

What I am trying to say to you is this, my friends.
Don't ...

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