by Jesse Hendley

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Jesse M. Hendley
Revelation 7

If you have your Bibles now, turn with me, please, to
the Book of the Revelation, chapter 7. I hope you will
take this book seriously. It certainly is a serious
book. And I hope every one of you can get a copy of
the Scofield Bible, with the wide margin and loose
leaf, if possible.

Scofield sets this 7th chapter in a parenthesis. In
chapter 6 we saw the seal judgments. Then here in the
7th chapter we have THE SAVED of the Great Tribulation
Period. Then in chapter 8 the seals are resumed.

Here in chapter 7 we see the 144,000 saved out of the
tribes of Israel, 12,000 out of each of the twelve
tribes. Then beginning with verse 9 and running on
through to the close of the chapter we have the
sealing of the great multitude which no man can
number. Scofield calls this chapter parenthetical
because it is a turning aside from the judgments
striking the earth.

Let me repeat, to give you the background once again,
that in chapter 4 you have the Throne chapter. In
chapter 5, the Lamb in the midst of the throne. In
chapter 6, the Lamb (Christ) comes to the Father and
takes the little book (roll, sealed with seven seals)
out of the Father's hand. He begins to tear the seals,
one by one. With every seal there comes a judgment to
this earth. They are God's final judgments, cleaning
house on this earth. The Church is in heaven, having
been caught up to meet Lord in the air.

The writer of the Book of the Revelation, you
remember, is John the Apostle, and he sees this great
unfolding of the end as the Lord gives it to him in a
vision. John is caught up into heaven and he describes
for us what he sees.

Now in this 7th chapter he sees those who will be
saved during the Great Tribulation. People ask, "Will
there be people saved in that great period of trouble
coming after the Church is caught up to meet the Lord
in the air? When hell break ...

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