by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Psalm 63:8

A Spiritual Man's Search for God! Nobody ever arrives
at this thing. Nobody ever finds God totally. We do
find Him in salvation, but the person who finds Him in
salvation will seek to go deeper and deeper and deeper
with God. Some people think they have "arrived" when
they first accept Christ as their Saviour. I very much
question the reality of their finding Him at all if
they think they have arrived. The person who has truly
been born again really wants to KNOW God. We can never
know Him totally till we get to Glory. Meanwhile there
will be that constant SEARCH for God, and we find Him
in the Word of God.

Here in Psalm 63, verse 8, we have the key verse: "My
soul followeth hard after Thee." MY SOUL - followeth
HARD - after THEE. After God Himself!

It is one thing to know ABOUT the Scriptures, and to
know ABOUT God, and to be very orthodox and yet not
find God. I have made the statement many times that
you can "lose" God in an orthodox church, in an
orthodox atmosphere, in a Bible teaching group, IF
YOUR HEART is not following hard after God.

Psalm of David

Let's look at this Psalm. We notice first of all that
it is a Psalm of David. I'm not surprised, because
David was a man after God's own Heart. He loved God as
few men have ever loved God. He expressed this in his
great Psalms!

In Wilderness

This Psalm was written when he was in the wilderness
of Judah, away from the sanctuary, away from
Jerusalem, away from the place of worship. He mentions
the sanctuary in verse 2. He is now away and in danger
of his life. He is in the desert. Everything around
him is dried up. Do you know something? David came to
the place where he was dried up on the inside as well
as on the outside. He finds out how he can keep from
being dry on the inside. We learn it in this great

O God, Thou art MY God. Early will I seek thee. My
soul thirsteth ...

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