by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
I Peter 2:3

Today, friends, we are taking up a beautiful study of
God's Word, "The Experience of the Delightfulness of
God," the Sweetness of God, the Attractiveness of God.

Here in First Peter 2:3 we read, "If so be ye have
tasted that the Lord is gracious."

In the preceding verses he said, "As newborn babes,
desire the sincere milk of the Word." Nobody desires
to know more about God from the Word of God unless he
has tasted that God is a Delight and has learned to
love God! Much is said about the Love of God for us,
but very little about our love for Him. The Bible
says that God is seeking for those who will worship

"The Experience of Delightfulness of God."
Experiencing God! To many people "God" is just in the
head, or in the Bible, or in someone else. They them-
selves do not really enjoy His Spirit, His Presence.
Christ is in heaven in a literal body that can be
touched and handled, but He also is here in spirit,
living in every believer. That is what the writer is
talking about here. Truly born-again people have
tasted that the Lord is gracious. This is a quotation
that Peter makes from Psalm 34, verse 8.

Let's go to that Psalm now and see. "O taste and see
that the Lord is good! Blessed is the man who
trusteth in Him." This is personal. This is not for
somebody else. Nobody can taste for me that God is
good. I must do this for myself. Each one of us must
do it for himself individually.

The word taste here is a very precious word. It refers
to experiencing the goodness of God. In the Hebrew
Psalm it is tahgam, and it means, "to taste, relish."

The thought is to understand or perceive. From the
physical fact of tasting something you relish or
enjoy, something good to taste, it moves on to the
intellectual: to "tasting" something which is
delightful to you intellectually, in the mind. Certain
foods we delight in; oth ...

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