by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Daniel 11:32

Now friends, if you have your Bibles, turn with me to
Daniel 11:32, one of the greatest statements of the
Bible. I'd like to present it to you today for your
earnest consideration. We're thinking about revival
and, oh, how we need it. On every hand today, the
wicked are making fun of the church, Christ, and pre-
achers. People who are ungodly, people of the world,
people who do not believe in the Lord are passing by
our churches and thumbing their noses at faithful men
of God. Many are thinking because some preachers fall,
that all are ungodly or wicked. They pass over the
fact that the great mass of God's preachers are
faithful to the Lord, to the Word of God, and to the
souls of men. So, in these days, we need revival. The
only way we can have revival is for God to send it.
The only way He sends it is through born-again
Christians who are totally surrendered to Him.

In Daniel 11:32 we read, "... but the people that do
know their God shall be strong, and do exploits."

"Dallas Meeting"

I have recently come out of a meeting where there was
real revival. I was in Dallas, Texas. The young
preacher is on fire for God. He is in an area of some
92,000 people and there are only 2 Baptist churches. I
was amazed at that because I know something about
Dallas. They are so well evangelized that I was
surprised that only 2 churches serve some 92,000
people. This young man has been in this church 8
years. He loves the Bible, loves prayer, has a mar-
velous mind for study, and has devoted it to Christ.
He has a wonderful heart for the things of God and I
believe the Lord is going to lead him in a great way
in the future. In fact, I am sure of that because of
the presence of the Holy Spirit in this revival
meeting. We began there on a Thursday night and went
through Sunday. On Sunday, I preached 3 different
times and the Lord came through in a very wonde ...

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