by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Revelation 22:11

Friends, we have been studying in the Book of the
Revelation, and we are beginning now with chapter 22,
verse 11. May the Lord make this a rich blessing to
all of us. Aren't you glad there are people of God in
this world? Aren't you glad there are people who love
Jesus Christ? Wouldn't it be awful to be alone, no
other Christian around?

The other day someone I know happened to be with some
ungodly people in a situation she could not help,
beyond her control, and there was ungodly talk in that
automobile for an hour. She came home and said, "I'm
so glad that we are not going to have to spend
eternity with people like that." Such wickedness will
not be in glory. We are going to be among people of
godly speech and character. There will be no one in
the Holy City but the people of God. It will be truly
a HOLY City.

Now as we come to verse 11 we find a very serious
thing. God tells us here of THE UNCHANGEABLE CHARAC-
TER of all people in eternity - the unsaved and the

Think about that - unchangeable character! God says of
those who have gone into eternity, "He that is unjust,
let him he unjust still; and he which is filthy, let
him be filthy still. And he that is righteous, let him
be righteous still; and he that is holy, let him be
holy still."

Here God warns us about this fixation of character in
eternity. Two kinds of character are mentioned: the
unjust and filthy, and the righteous and holy. The
unjust and filthy are in one class. They are the
unsaved, and this will be their character forever. The
righteous and holy are in the other class. They are
the people of God, and this will be their character


"Let him be unjust still... let him be filthy still.
Let him be righteous still... let him be holy still."
This word still is a little Greek word of three
letters, eti, and it means, "still, yet ...

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