by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Revelation 7

Turn with me please, to the seventh chapter of the
Book of Revelation.

Here we learn amazingly, that there are going to be
people saved in the tribulation period. There are two
divisions. There will be 144,000 Jews sealed by God
and kept by His elective power through the entire
tribulation period. Here is where they are sealed and
in chapter 14 we see them on Mount Zion at the end of
the tribulation period with the Lamb. Then there is a
great multitude of Gentiles that will be saved in the
tribulation period. Let me say this. Many people in
their studies have thought that the Holy Spirit of God
will be taken away from earth but He won't. A passage
in II Thessalonians 2:7 says, "only he who now
hinders, will hinder, until he be taken out of the

The Holy Spirit is the One Who is hindering sin now.
Only God can hinder sin and the Holy Spirit is God.
When the church is raptured to meet the Lord, the Lord
is going to release the hindrance. The Spirit is
simply going to step out of the way. It doesn't mean
He will leave this earth. He is just going to step out
of the way. He is just not going to hinder anymore and
it is going to come to a head. There will be people
saved and the Holy Spirit will be here because He is
the only One that gives the new birth. He will be
right here on this earth. He simply won't hinder sin
any longer.

Chapter 7, verse 1, "and after these things I saw four
angels standing on the four corners of the earth."
Everybody knows the earth is round. Do you? A few
years ago scientists had what was called the
geophysical year in which they studied the topography
of the earth and the oceans. They found four corners
to the earth. A lot of people laughed at that, four
corners of the earth, and now scientists down here are
coming up with it. When the time comes around, the
Bible will be seen to be true. It ...

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