by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Luke 9:24

Friends, will you turn with me now to Luke, chapter 9,
verse 24, and we have here one of the most profound
utterances our Lord ever made, and one that touches
our lives with great significance. I could not bring
you a thought more important than this thought that
Jesus is handing on to us. Remember, Jesus said. "The
WORDS that I speak unto you are SPIRIT and LIFE." They
are alive, and they produce life! So let's listen to
what He has to say. Verse 24 of Luke 9:

"For whosoever will save his life shall lose it; but
whosoever will lose his life, for My sake, the same
shall save it."

I want to speak to you today on LOSING YOUR LIFE.
Jesus speaks of "losing" your life and "saving" your
life. What is He talking about?

Let me remind you that LIFE is the greatest gift a man
has. The Gift of Life! God has GIVEN it to you. You
didn't choose it. You didn't earn it. You didn't merit
it. God has GIVEN it to you, with all its
possibilities. When a little child is born into this
world, it has before it the greatest gift God can
give: its LIFE. But that child must LIVE it from day
to day, and it can LOSE that life or SAVE it.

That is logical. You can lose an education. The whole
educational system says, "I want to bless you with an
education. Here it is, if you just pay the price."
Anyone can go to the library and get books of all
sorts. The wisdom of all the ages is at our
fingertips. Mathematics, history, science, language,
art, they are all at a man's fingertips. But a man can
"lose" that. He can despise it. He can be unwilling to
pay the price to get it. He can LOSE the value and
blessing of an education.

A man can lose his home. He can lose his wife. One of
the saddest things I ever saw was a man kneeling in my
study, when I was a pastor of a church, and begging me
to help him get his wife to come back to him. I
couldn't do it. He had kicked her ...

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