by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Ephesians 1:3

The world is in a mess! You know that, don't you? In
U. S. News and World Report's recent issue a
scientist was quoted about the terrible condition of
the world, and he wasn't kidding! He said, "I have a
very pessimistic view of how we are going to come out
of it." A Scientist!

For years some people have been referring to many of
us who are preaching the Word of God as the "Doomsday
People." It is very interesting that now the
scientific world is beginning to say the same thing.
The world IS in a mess!

All Problems Are One Problem

People are in a mess individually. The other day a
young lady was in a great depression. She was to be
married, and suddenly the fellow decided to call it
off. She was devastated.

It was so pitiful that I said to her, "Would you let
me talk to you for a brief time?" I said to her, "You
have but one problem. Everyone has only one problem.
Everybody is dealing with problems. Preachers are
counseling people constantly, but with just words
flowing. It doesn't matter what your problem is, or
anyone's problem anywhere over the earth. I'm talking
from the Bible when I say there is but one problem.

Anyone who will receive Jesus Christ as Savior and
Lord, pick up this Bible, read it and live it will
have his problem solved. God says so. In reducing all
the excess, you find the root of the problem. People
must know that they are saved. If we put Christ, God
and the Bible first, He promised to take care of the
rest of the problem.

I didn't say we wouldn't have problems. I said HE WILL
TAKE CARE OF THEM. He promised to do it! And this is
true of all of us. When anyone grieving on this earth
makes up his mind that God and Christ and the Bible
are going to be first in his life, God will take care
of his problems. I am talking to you in love, and
maybe there are things crushing in on you. But may I
say ...

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