by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Revelation 22:4

Friends, I want to bring you an important message
today. From day to day many people are wondering what
is ahead, for themselves, for their city, for their
state and country, for the world.

I am addressing myself now to believers in Christ.
What is ahead? THE FACE OF GOD. We are going to see
God's Face!

Throughout the entire Bible we read of the desire of
the godly to see God's Face. What is the supreme
happiness of the child of God? To behold God's Face.
This is the supreme happiness that God will give to
His child. All God's people through the ages have
wanted this. Believers look forward to resurrection.

The Psalmist

The Psalmist said, "I shall behold Thy Face in
righteousness. I will be satisfied when I awake, with
Thy Form." Psalm 17. The word awake here means
awakening out of death, resurrection. God's people
believe in a future life. We believe in a future body
and that we shall see God's Face. We have His Word
that we shall live with Him forever. What a wonderful
thing! This is the supreme happiness to which the
child of God looks forward, to see the FACE of the One
to whom we have prayed, with Whom we have walked, Whom
we have tried to serve, the One Who has looked after
us and taken care of us and led us through this life.


Job had the desire. Job had a terrible disease, but he
held fast his faith in the Lord. Chapter 19, verse 25.
Job said, "I know that my Redeemer liveth." Here was a
man who lived back in patriarchal days. Many
authorities consider the Book of Job to be the oldest
book of the Bible. And Job cries out, "I know that my
Redeemer, my kinsman-Redeemer, my Goel, LIVETH." Job
knew that God would redeem him from sin and death and
judgment and hell.

"And that He shall stand at the latter day upon the
earth. And though after my skin worms destroy this
body, yet in flesh shall I SEE GOD, Whom I shall SE ...

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