by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
John 17:24

We had a funeral service some time back of one of our
very dear friends, a lady whom I have known for many,
many years. I felt it would be a blessing to your
heart to extend to you through our publication what we
felt as we dealt with the home going of this one who
loved the Lord.

Loved This World

First of all, in thinking about her, I remember having
known this family for many years. They had been
members of my church some years ago and as I spoke at
the service I simply said, "You know, this precious
woman loved this world." I told about how she had gone
on a Holy Land trip with us, what a wonderful time she
had, and how eager she was to see all the sights, for
she was a woman who loved this present world, its
physical beauty.

Wanted To Live

Secondly, she wanted to live in this world. Shortly
before she was taken to the operating room for sur-
gery, we were talking together. The nurse had already
given her a shot in preparation for the operation, but
she was conscious as we talked about a boat trip. I
remember her saying, "Oh, I want to be on that boat
trip! Pray that this operation might be a victory for
me and for my body so that I might get well and I will
be on that boat trip." She was a woman who wanted to
live in this present world.

Lived Meaningful Life

And then, she was a woman who lived a meaningful life.
She was a teacher. There are some people who live
lives that are disreputable, some who live lives which
are absolutely sinful, and given over to hurting
people and destructiveness, those who live ungodly
lives. But this woman was a teacher, and through this
profession she was used of the Lord. She lived a
meaningful life.

Loved Prayer

But after I had said these things about this present
world, I said, "This is not enough." This woman was a
Godly woman. She was a woman of PRAYER. In the home
they would have the rea ...

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