by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Revelation 7:14

Now, friends, I would like to speak to you on the
subject, "How to Be Sure You Will Be In Heaven."

A Letter

Before I go into the message, I want to share with you
part of a letter I received. This man writes, "I am
requesting prayer because of how I feel. I have bad
physical troubles for many years. I have had a
breakdown. Sometimes I think it is the devil's
oppression. There seem to be two pulls in my mind, in
opposite directions, never in agreement. I confessed
my sins to God many years ago and asked Christ to come
into my heart. The conflict started and has continued.
I need a closer walk with God for victory over the
world, flesh and the devil. I hope you will write me
and, as God moves you, that you will give me some
encouragement from the Word. God bless you and your
ministry. I want a SURE hope of heaven and peace with
God, and peace of mind and soul. I have been praying
for deliverance. Please pray that the precious Holy
Spirit will convict me and fill me. I feel so
burdened, with guilt over my past sins and present
sins. I want to be cleansed and be a new creature in

With that letter as a background, let's think now
about "Heaven and How To Be Sure You Are Going There."

Everyone who is sensible desires to go to heaven. I
mean by that, everyone who thinks seriously, considers
the facts of life and death. Everyone of us will leave
this life. We cannot escape death (if Christ tarries).
We are going to leave this world. We are going
somewhere when we die. There is a life after this. The
Bible teaches there are two places out yonder in
eternity. I want to be sure I am going to the place
called Heaven.

Four Things

There are four things in this letter to which I would
like to call your attention. This dear man, in his
forties, ill and facing eternity,

1. Wants to be certain of heaven.

2. Wants to have peac ...

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