by Jesse Hendley

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Jesse M. Hendley
Romans 3:23-24

Now friends, if you have your Bibles, turn with me,
please, to Romans 3:23 and 24, and we are studying
today the greatest thing that the human mind can
study, the foundation of the faith, and that is,
JUSTIFICATION. That is the Bible sense of
justification, Justification by Faith. It is the
ringing cry of the Reformation! It is the ringing cry
of the Epistle to the Romans! It is the ringing cry of
the true Gospel! In the first five chapters of the
Epistle to the Romans, JUSTIFICATION BY FAITH is the
main theme that Paul expounds to us. We are going to
take up for a few days that WONDERFUL study of
Justification by Faith. If you were to go into all the
churches in this city on Sunday morning, and you were
able to examine everyone who attends, everyone who is
a professing Christian, and you were to ask them the
question, "Please tell me, what is justification by
faith?" I venture to say there would be FEW people
able to give you an answer that is honest and right.
And yet, this is THE FUNDAMENTAL DOCTRINE of the
Bible. It is one of the greatest statements of the
Bible. It is the assurance of our salvation. It is a
WONDERFUL statement.

Now notice, Romans 1:23 and 24. God says in verse 23,
"All have sinned and have come short of the glory of
God." Then He says in verse 24, "Being justified
freely. . ." (Now the word ALL is to be carried over
from the preceding verse into this sentence. Remember
that verse-divisions were made by man and not by God,
and it interrupts the thought.) "All have sinned," and
"all are being justified freely by His grace, through
the redemption which is in Christ Jesus."

"Being justified freely." The word for justify is
dikaioo, the last two o's, omicron and omega, in the
Greek. "Justification," dikaioo.

The verb means, "to pronounce righteous." It never
means to MAKE righteous; it means to PRONOUNCE

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