by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley

(In a Richmond newspaper recently there appeared an
article by the Rev. Dilworth Lupton, Unitarian
Minister, who criticized evangelists and evangelism.
The following was sent in answer to the article.)

Richmond, Virginia

I am an evangelist, broadcasting over one of the local
radio stations five days a week in Richmond and have
held campaigns in and around the city in recent years.
One of our listeners has sent me your column, "The
Voice of the People," in which Dr. Dilworth Lupton
criticizes evangelists today. I would like to answer
this misinformed gentleman.

In your paper issued Tuesday, February 12, 1952, Dr.
Lupton writes that Jesus believed that "mental disease
is caused by demon possession. No competent
psychologists hold that theory today." Dr. Lupton
evidently forgets that Dr. James, the famous
psychologist, in his book, Varieties of Religious
Experience, proves from the psychological standpoint
that religious experience is genuine and that the
spiritual world makes its impact upon individual lives
open to its reception, which means that there is a
spiritual world, a world of spirits that influence
human lives. If there are good spirits that influence
men for good, why should there not be evil spirits
that influence men for evil, even as Christ proclaims
in the New Testament teachings? Also, Dr. James says
it is reasonable to believe in such good spirits
operating on human lives because of piled up evidence.
I wonder if Dr. Lupton has studied carefully the
evidence of our missionaries about demon spirits and
their effects upon people in parts of the world where
the Gospel of Christ has not been preached. Many of
our missionaries are out there battling against the
powers of darkness and have seen manifestations of
demonism in human lives, just as the New Testament
teaches. This is cont ...

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