by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
John 4:16-26

Here is a letter that has come to us from a lady and
it says, "I have been a Christian for years, desiring
to be something wonderful, but it seems that I am just
a failure."

Just live for Jesus, lady. That's all.

You know, one time Charles Spurgeon (who became one of
Britain's greatest intellects) was seeking to be
something great. He was planning to take some college
work and was preaching at the time. He was to see an
outstanding educator, but somehow or other there was a
mix-up in the appointment. He sat in one room and
Spurgeon sat in the other room. Finally, Spurgeon
left. He said that at that particular time God gave
him this truth: "Seekest thou great things FOR
THYSELF? Seek them not."

We are not to seek great things for ourselves; we are
to seek to GLORIFY JESUS. That is the way to
greatness! Jesus said that he who would be first must
be LAST, and that the way up is DOWN, and the way to
be great is to be LITTLE. May God help us all to see
that. Forget being wonderful. Forget greatness in the
eyes of men, even in the eyes of God! Just forget all
about being "great" and just do what you can to live
for God and win souls to Jesus.

This lady is not a failure. Nobody is a failure who
wants to do something for Jesus! Sometimes we get in
the way of our work and in our own way, but God help
us to do things for Jesus!

This lady says, "I know that Christians should be bold
in the Lord and that Satan's forces are Timidity and
Distrust. I want to be bold in the Lord. I want to be
a soul-winner. Pray that my backwardness will vanish.
I am saved, but just have a troubled spirit. I seem to
be under the power of the Holy Spirit, but to get up
and prove it, I can't. I want to win precious souls to

I'd quit looking at myself. I think the main problem
is this, that when we get to looking at ourselves we
get into trouble. The way to peace ...

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